August 20, 2013

WalshWhen World War I first began in Europe in 1914, the United States had a policy of non-intervention, and hoped to stay out of the conflict. However, by 1917, the American opinion towards the war had changed.  On January 31, 1917 Germany announced that it would resume unrestricted warfare on all ships, including American ones. In February, Americans were further incensed when Germany attempted to persuade Mexico to join Germany in taking on the United States.  Soon German U-boats attacked four separate American ships, resulting in the deaths of fifteen Americans.  Though Congress would not authorize President Wilson to declare war until April, Americans were ready to help.

In March 19, 1917 the Navy became the first branch of the U.S. Armed Forces to allow women to enlist in a non-nursing capacity. The Naval Reserve allowed women to enlist as Yeoman (F), less officially known as ‘yeomanettes’.  Their duties ranged from clerical work and recruiting to production jobs in ammunition factories as well as design work, drafting, translation, and radio operating responsibilities.            

Loretta Perfectus Walsh of Olyphant, Pennsylvania, became the first woman to enlist on 21 March 1917. She enlisted in the U.S. Naval Reserve and went on to become the first woman to serve on active duty in the Navy.  She was also the first woman to serve in a non-nursing capacity in any branch of the armed forces. She was the first woman to serve as anything but a Nurse in the military and the first female Yeoman in the United States Navy (1917 – 1919).  She was also the first female Chief.

When the armistice was signed on November 11, 1918, there were 11,275 yeomanettes in the Navy and 300 ‘marinettes’ in the Marine Corps. With the drawdown of the military, the need for yeomanettes declined. By 1919, those who remained were released from active duty.  Walsh maintained her reserve status, drawing a small retainer salary, until the end of her four-year commitment. Walsh died in Olyphant, Pennsylvania, on August 6, 1925 when she was only 29 years old, of tuberculosis. After her death she was buried in Olyphant’s St. Patrick’s Cemetery, under a monument that reads:

Loretta Perfectus Walsh
April 22, 1896–August 6, 1925
Woman and Patriot
First of those enrolled in the United States Naval Service
World War 1917–1919
Her comrades dedicate this monument
to keep alive forever
memories of the sacrifice and devotion of womanhood

PO3(IDW) Emily Soward, Special Observances Committee

Episode 2: Talahassee

August 10, 2013

Travel and Leisure, Episode 2

In the warm spring breeze, the sky radiating outward, a drive was to be explored.  Awakened afresh by the dawn, the distance to be obtained was a pleasant path.  At road’s end, Tallahassee, Florida’s State Capitol.

Tallahassee is a simple city without very much pretense.  The layout is not complicated and the outlay of the land is relatively easy to navigate.  If you travel there, you will find several areas of interest.  First of all, it may be recommended that you visit Andrew’s Bar and Grill.  One might try a burger fresh off the grill, accompanied by the faithful side dish of fries.  The food is very fresh, the atmosphere is modern and clean, and the waiters and waitresses are enjoyable company.  The TV screens playing the latest sports are a bit more on the ‘at home’ size, but at least there are several of them to compensate for this factor; also, they are aptly located at a higher elevation for broader accessibility. 

Second, it may also be recommended to visit the 3D IMAX theatre in the downtown area.  The architecture nearby the theatre is complex and intriguing; it would be rewarding to pack your camera for this trip as there are many photos to take in this area.  Additionally, there is a sense of class and style to the region as it seems it was more recently built.  If you choose to watch “Space Junk”, it will take you through a fascinating journey of the overpopulation of space with debris and the lack of any ‘vacuum cleaner’ to pick it all up; this creates a hazard for all active satellites that our world relies upon heavily for everything from cell phones to GPS.  This show might be described as both informative and entertaining.  The IMAX theatre has a few exhibits for display, but nothing of qualitative value to suggest the drive; it is the IMAX movie that is the real ticket of entertainment here.

Third and finally, you might decide to drive to the park on a clear day.  The park itself is well designed by landscape architects as well as architects.  The lake in the middle of the park is pleasant and relaxing, lending to a much serene experience.  The willow trees offer up a contemplative mood with plenty of available benches to fulfill that desire.  The running path around the park is one mile exactly and would be a great opportunity to skateboard, bike, roller blade, run, or otherwise propel yourself; although I am unsure which is expressly allowed by the city council.  The park also is a great photographic opportunity because of the many angles towards the architecture and design.  Additionally, there are various fowl to spectate as they meander their untraditional habitat.  Sometimes you might even find a duck walking in the middle of the streets that surround the park; it is such moments that pry open a window into the park’s uses by the city’s inhabitants: a calm in the storm, a place to rest and relax amidst the hustle and bustle of life.

At the end of your day, you can reflect back of your day filled with the sights and sounds of Tallahassee, exuberated from the experience of venturing ‘outside’ and exploring new lands and seeing new sights!  Take a trip ‘outside’ soon and tell us about it!  Heck, even take a trip ‘outside’ and don’t tell us about it!  Either way, find a way to venture outside of your own comfort zone (pry yourself off of MW3), and experience some sunshine!  I’m most certain you will enjoy it so much you will be willing to tell others about it.  Until next time, PO2 Steele

Career Navigator

July 15, 2013

Career%20Navigator%20PictureLeadership Quote: “Career Navigator will change how we do business-placing you, our Sailors, at the helm as you choose your course between reenlistment, conversion, or transition. Career Navigator will help you make informed decisions about the opportunities available specifically to you and your career goals by providing career tools so you can get involved and personally research your career options.” -Vice Adm. Scott Van Buskirk, Chief of Naval Personnel, May 1, 2013

   Over the past few weeks we have all attended training over the new Career Navigator Program. This process will definitely ease Sailor’s stress about their career intentions. This means quicker responses to our requests, and will allow us to be in the know of what exactly we need to plan for sooner rather than later. Below are a few takeaways from the new program.

   – 3-2-1
In the first phase, Sailors will have 3 options that include:
o 4 reviews starting 13 months from SEAOS with 3 options (In-Rate, Conversion or Selected Reserve (SELRES).
In the second phase, Sailors will have 2 options that include:
o 4 reviews with 2 options (Conversion or SELRES).
In the 3rd and final phase, Sailors will have 1 option that include:
o 3 reviews with 1 option (SELRES Only).

   – Eligible and command-approved E-5 and below Sailors will receive answers about reenlistment requests earlier. 100 percent of eligible Sailors in skillsets that are open and undermanned will receive approval to reenlist on their first application. They will know the outcome of their request within approximately 30 days.

   – All eligible and command-approved E-6 Sailors will be approved for reenlistment on their first application. While there is still a need to tell the career counselor your intentions, if you desire to reenlist and have command approval to do so, you will be given reenlistment approval on your first application.

   If you have any questions please contact your Divisional Career Counselor or our Command Career Counselor PO2(IDW/AW) Breeze.




Independence Day

July 1, 2013

4th%20of%20july%20imageThe fourth of July is typically a get together of loved ones to share some food and fireworks and to watch some sort of movie about how the US is far superior to those ‘other nations’ (whichever nations the movie is implicating at the time). However, I want you to take time to think this year. Think about what Uncle Sam means to you and to me. The freedom to think independently, the challenge to accept those with thought patterns and belief systems and ideas completely different than our own, the invigorating creativity that places us at the cutting edge of almost everything… You know those things that make this nation great! And think of not just the great things, but how we obtained them, the sacrifice that it meant to our forefathers who were willing to risk it all just to sign a piece of paper. Imagine that today!

After the declaration of independence, imagine the colors that make our flag, that unfurls with the might of the wind, which inspires each of us to lead a life greater and more meaningful than the civilian life we led before we joined, for in that moment of that oath we joined not just an occupation, but a cause, and that cause is freedom. William Wallace would be proud! (Or at least Mel Gibson pretending to be William Wallace)

RED: The color of the blood and lives of those who sacrificed what we freely take for granted and even trample underfoot with the lack of respect we have towards our freedoms and the ungraciousness we sometimes display towards the riches we have that even the poorest in our country are quite rich compared to the rest of the world. Today, July 4th, I implore you my fellow American’s, to take this day to remember and to be thankful for our freedoms and our prosperity, not as a God given right but rather something that was worked very hard for and reached and achieved through the utmost of peril and even loss of life of good men who dreamed of better lives that we are now able to live.

BLUE: The color of unity and yet also diversity; though these principles stand apart, the beauty of diversity working in unity is a paradox that the Navy has freely celebrated for 200 years in some ways shapes and forms. Our blue colors should remind us this 4th of July that while there are those who we may hold the utmost conflict with, we can still respect them and their ability to make and form their own judgments of this world and its existence and path. For even while disagreeing, a path less than respect such as name calling or violence does nothing to help bring peace and the ability to accomplish common goals; rather, the path of disrespect is already less than we expect from ourselves and others in our great Navy.

WHITE: The color of purity, purity of our values and our intentions. While we may fail at times here or there to which we ascribe to attain, we nevertheless pursue those codes of conduct, those morals, those religious beliefs and convictions, those humanitarian conventions, those atheistic bonds towards the common man, we all ascribe towards something of higher value than just ourselves. No failure brings about the stain of an emotionally charged word such as ‘hypocrite’, but rather, we use our failures as fuel to desire to aim higher all the more; we use our success stories as the marking points of a path that is as of yet unknown and each day is a journey unto itself.



Show common sense with fireworks. Follow the labels, if it says stand at (X distance) away from the firework, do so for the sake of yourselves and those around you. Show common sense with sunscreen. The label says reapply (X times per X hours). Reapply or suffer the consequences, especially for those of us whose skin is less advantageous towards the sun. Show common sense drinking water. We all know how hot it is out there and how much MORE you sweat during command PT now with the heat than you did before, so apply the same need to use water in your off time as well. Show common sense with eating. We all know we have a fake PRT soon…Take care of your shipmates. The best way to avoid DUI is to call someone when you feel stranded. The best way to avoid a fight is to call someone when you feel angry. See a theme? Call someone, and even if you are not the one doing the calling, make sure to step in a ‘be a friend’ or ‘be a shipmate’ and show that you care. There is ALWAYS a way you can be involved, even if it is not the most bold/brash way of going about it. Find a way to be involved and be yourself; don’t let a situation go down that you could have prevented just because you were too scared to step in and do something about it. If you are more worried about Big Navy and how things will be perceived and the letter of the rule instead of the spirit of the rules, you have lost the point already; the point is to care about your shipmates far above perception and to do the right thing even when it might be inconvenient or even when it might damage the reputation. Certainly, think through to find out IF it what the right decision IS before you make it, but once you are clear in your mind what to do, step out without hesitation!

Events for the 4th of July:

Sertoma’s Fourth of July Celebration 11 AM at Seville’s Quarters, with fireworks starting at 9pm, on Thursday, July 4th, 2013.

Ronald McDonald Firecracker 5k, July 6, 0730 in the AM rain or shine to promote RMCDH. BRING YOUR KIDS, there is also a ‘kids fun run’ at the same time!

PO2 Steele- Social Networking Member

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

June 19, 2013

120409-N-ZZ999-004In over the next several weeks, the entire military will be attending a mandatory Sexual Assault training. I, myself sat through 2 1/2 hours of training yesterday and I can honestly say that it was the probably the best version of training I have attended in my military career. The training was given by the CO, XO, and SEL. The delivery of the training was a bit different than most. It included a lot of interaction with the group and was held in a small setting. Below are a few takeaways that I brought out of the lesson.

- 26,000 reported sexual harrasments / assaults in FY 2012
– Men are less likely to fear that sexual assault will happen to them
– Bystanders that are breaking the law themselves are less likely to intervene (underage drinkers)
– Sexual assault can still happen if you are married or dating
– Consent is a consious decision of someone who can make the decision without being under the influence of drugs or alcohol
– Bystanders can prevent sexual harrassments / assaults
– Unrestricted reporting allows for a full investigation

Sexual harrassment and assault is something that can be prevented and we need to take the proper steps to ensure that our shipmates and fellow Americans are safe. We need to do our part and encourage reporting these types of events, be the bystander that intervenes, and be aware of your surroundings. Don’t ever think it can’t happen to you and always be prepared to give the support and refrences for those that have to deal with this tragic event directly.

SAFE HELPLINE: 877-995-5247


- PO1(EXW) Tanya M. Knox, SNC Blog Manager


May 23, 2013

Hello NIOC Pensacola,

This is your Ombudsman Jana Beck. I want to remind you as the aftermath of tornado Moore is being cleaned up it’s now time for us to turn our attention to our Hurricane Awareness. It’s important to be prepared and the Navy offers great awareness.  Please take time to attend a meeting or discussion especially if you are new to the area.

Please be aware of social media sites (facebook, twitter, or instant messaging) that can forewarn you of bad weather moving this way. I personally have Florida Sert as a page on my facebook.  Please plan ahead and put together your emergency kits now. Questions about anything please send them my way. I personally was here during hurricane Ivan in 2004 and it can be completely devastating. Make sure to update NFAAS (Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System) https://navyfamily.navy.mil before a disaster strikes. This is a tool used to muster and report your needs.

Helpful websites




Jana Beck
NIOC Pensacola Ombudsman

US National Weather Service Tallahassee Florida

The NOAA outlook for the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season is in and it calls for “an active or extremely active season”. There is a 70% chance of 13-20 named storms, 7-11 hurricanes, and 3-6 major hurricanes. The Atlantic Hurricane Season begins each year on June 1st, so now is the time to prepare!

NOAA predicts active 2013 Atlantic hurricane season
In its 2013 Atlantic hurricane season outlook issued today, NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center is forecasting an active or extremely active season this year. For the six-month hurricane season, which begins June 1, NOAA’s Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook.

History of Memorial Day and Local Commemoration

May 23, 2013

memorialMemorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service. There are many stories as to its actual beginnings, with over two dozen cities and towns laying claim to being the birthplace of Memorial Day. While Waterloo N.Y. was officially declared the birthplace of Memorial Day by President Lyndon Johnson in May 1966, it’s difficult to prove conclusively the origins of the day. It is more likely that it had many separate beginnings. These towns and each gathering of people to honor the war’s dead in the 1860’s tapped into the general human need to honor our dead, each contributed honorably to the growing movement that culminated in Gen Logan giving his official proclamation in 1868. It is not important who was the very first, what is important is that Memorial Day was established.

There is always plenty to do in Pensacola especially over a holiday weekend. Whether it is relaxing on the beach to some live music, or going to the Memorial Day Ceremony that is held at Barrancas National Cemetery on Monday 27May2013 at 08:30 on NAS. Memorial Day is not about division. It is about reconciliation; it is about coming together to honor those who gave their all.

It is also a time where we need to be more aware of our surroundings, and practice general safety and ORM. So go out and enjoy this Memorial Day weekend. Keep in mind of why exactly we celebrate this day and mourn those who have gone before us.


-PO3 Jones-Lafleur, Joshuan / NIOC-P Blog Contributor


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